Residential Plan Review

We provide Engineering and Code compliance review of residential plans, including those purchased from out-of-state designers. Here’s an outline of what’s included in our plans, along with the typical information shown on each sheet, and links to sample drawings.

Typical Drawings Include:

  • Engineering Seal by a North Carolina Registered Professional Engineer
  • Detailed floor framing, roof framing, and foundation layouts
  • Location, sizes and support requirements for all beams
  • Options for engineered lumber or steel
  • Complete material specifications

Foundation Plan

  • Basement or Crawl space, at clients option
  • Point load locations
  • Pier and girder size, location and layout
  • Interior load-bearing walls or steel beams and columns
  • Joist or truss framing layout and specifications
  • Beam sizes and support requirements
  • Footing sizes and reinforcement
  • Grade beam locations and specifications
  • Specifications for concrete basement walls
  • Specifications for walkout wall assemblies
  • Ventilation and fenestration calculations

Floor Framing Plans

  • All required steel and/or wood beams with support requirements
  • Joist/truss sizes, spacing, span direction and layout
  • Material specifications
  • Location of all bearing walls
  • Window and door openings with header sizes
  • Wall bracing requirements
  • Non-typical details as required
  • General structural notes

Roof Framing Plan

  • Roof layout with roof pitches
  • Hips, valleys, ridges and support points
  • Framing sizes, spacing, material specs
  • Framing anchorage
  • Intermediate bearing points, kneewalls, etc.
  • Either site-built stick framing or roof trusses
  • Attic ventilation requirements